The battery for the iMortor smart electric front wheel for bikes is charged in 3 hours

The battery for the iMortor smart wheel has its own, customized battery charger. Just plug it in and wait for up to 3 hours. Alarm battery charging notification diode is passing through phases of red when the battery is not sufficiently charged, through orange when the battery capacity is above 90 percent until the green light that indicates the battery is fully charged for iMortor smart wheel.


Signaling charge is also on the battery alone, where you can watch being charged as a percentage scale with LED light in blue. Battery resistance is considerable, fulfills the conditions in the rain, I tried it too wet while washing bicycle with iMortor smart electric front wheel bicycle.

Battery for iMortor smart front wheel is also resistant to shock, I myself have several times had to go on a bike on uneven terrain and accidental stranding of a pit on the road is really surprising, while burden on iMortor smart electric conversion kit e-bike wheel and battery.

I can state that iMortor smart front wheel and its battery comply with quality finish, watertight at rain and weather conditions iMortor smart wheel can withstand shocks, therefore it can be used even lighter forest terrain, meadows and on unpaved roads.



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