E-Bike Conversion Kit: Electric Front, Rear Wheel and Mid Drive Motor

Do you wish to convert your two-wheeler into a powerful e-bike without having to buy a new one? Well, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will read about the front, rear, and mid-drive e-bike conversion kits. After reading this complete guide you will be able to decide which option is good for you. 

Electric Bikes are very popular and the best option for those who love off-roading, traveling to the hills, and heights. You have three options if you want to convert your old two-wheeler to an e-bike, they are: installing a electric bike front wheel conversion kit, going for a electric rear-wheel ebike conversion kit, or choosing electric mid-drive ebike conversion kit.

Before we go deeper and discuss each type in detail, let us read the advantages of using e-bike conversion kits.

Advantages of Using Electric Bike Conversion kits

  • Instead of buying a new e-bike which could be costly, you can save your money by using this e-bike conversion kit to convert your old bike into an e-bike.
  • You do not have to be an expert to install the conversion kit. It is very simple to install on your existing two-wheeler.
  • Installing an e-bike conversion kit does not take too long.
  • All the required components such as wiring, durable battery, and controller are provided in the kit.
  • After installing the conversion kit in your e-bike the speed of your bike increases which makes it easier for you while climbing difficult hills.
  • Your bike becomes eco-friendly.

Front Wheel Conversion Kit

In the front wheel conversion kit, the motor is installed on the front wheel of the bicycle. Installing the front-wheel-drive kit is very simple and very less time-consuming. As the weight increases more on the front wheel, climbing steepest inclines becomes easier for you. Moreover, repair and maintenance are easy.

In some cases, after installing a motor kit you may face balancing problems when coming down the hill. However, it totally depends on your bicycle design and weight. If your bicycle is already heavy from the back, then going for front-wheel drive is the best option for you.

Now, let us have a look at the pros and cons of installing a front wheel conversion kit.

Pros of Installing Front Wheel Conversion Kit

  • It is much easier to install as you do not have to deal with the chainset.
  • Front-drive motors are cheaper as compared to mid-drive motors.
  • Need less maintenance on the drive chain

Cons of Front Wheel Conversion Kit

  • Balancing problem if your bike is heavier from the front.

Rear Wheel Conversion Kit

Rear-wheel conversion kits are a good option if you are planning to convert your old bike into an e-bike.

In the rear wheel conversion kit, the motor is in the rear wheel of the bike. After you throttle the bike the motor in the rear wheel gets a signal from the controller and it immediately starts moving.

There are very less chances of chain breakage because the motor is installed in the rear wheel. Moreover, if your chain breaks you can still drive your e-bike as there is no direct connection between them.

You feel less tired in the rear wheel conversion kit and it is the best option for you if you have front suspensions in your bicycle.

Now let us have a look at the pros and cons of rear-wheel drive.

Pro of Rear Wheel Conversion Kit

  • Rear-drive motor kits are cheap as compared to the mid-drive conversion kits.
  • Rear-drive motors can be installed on a variety of frames with just minor changes.
  • In the rear-drive motor kits, you have a lot of options from low to high power options.
  • In the rear-drive kit the motor starts moving as soon as you throttle without paddling.

Cons of Rear Wheel Conversion Kit

  • If your e-bike is heavier from the back it could be a balancing problem when off-roading.

Mid Drive Conversion Kit

In the mid-drive conversion kit, the motor is installed in the middle of your bike near the pedals. The process is simple for the mid-drive installation as well; however, the frame of your bicycle has to be in the shape so that the motor fits well.

As the weight of the motor is on the center of your e-bike the mid-drive motor kits give you a good balance. Mid-drive conversion kits are an option for you if you love going to the heights and off-roading.

The price can be higher for the mid-drive conversion kit but you get to see the good power that you have been expecting from an e-bike.

As everything has pros and cons, let us discuss the pros and cons of mid-drive conversion kits for e-bikes.

Pros of Mid Drive Conversion Kit

  • Mid drives are new innovation actions and it is the future of the e-bikes
  • You get a good balance in your e-bike while you are offroading.
  • You get to see the real thrill and power in the bike after you start to pedal for a while.

Cons of Mid Drive Conversion Kit

  • The design of your bicycle frame should be designed in a way that the motor fits well.
  • The price could be a little higher for mid-drive e-bikes.
  • Chains may break sometimes due to high stress on chains by powerful motors but you may go for stronger chains options as well.

Final Words

So this was a detailed guide comparing the front, rear-wheel, and mid-drive conversion kit. I hope this guide was helpful for you to decide which option is good for you.

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