The iMortor smart electric wheel turns the traditional bike into e-bike

If you own a traditional bike and would like to have an e-bike, it’s a simple solution in the form of the iMotor smart electric bicycle wheel. With the iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel, you transform your traditional bike into a powerful e-bike that can ride up to 30 km / h!

The advantage of the iMortor smart electric wheel is a simple and fast installation that every cyclist can handle. You do not need a lot of technical knowledge and skills. Install the iMortor Smart Wheel in just a few minutes to turn your traditional bike into a powerful e-bike that will make you enjoy every ride on your bike.


With the iMortor smart electric front wheel, you get a lot more power while riding a bicycle, and the speed attaining a full battery charge while driving on ordinary roads is up to nearly 30 km / h. Your new e-bike will be powered by a fast electromagnetic engine with a power output of up to 240 W.

The drive of your new smart e-bike can increase to nearly 50 km at the moped drive and the current pedaling. The iMortor smart electric bicycle front wheel has an application that enhances the driving experience of a restored traditional bike.

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