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How to choose TOP e-bike? BEST – e-bike conversion kit!

Are you thinking of buying an electric bike or remodeling your bike on an ebike, but you still don’t know if it’s right for you? Nowadays, full of modern technology, electric bicycles are very popular. They will allow you a faster way of transport, whether home, work, business or you can use it for a […]

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iMortor 26 inch Smart Electric Front Bicycle Wheel

Installation and operation of the Imortor smart electric front wheel to create an e-bike bicycle

The installation and operation of the Imortor front wheel is very simple and can be handled by even less sophisticated users. The complete set for converting a traditional bike to an e-bike is all you need to do to create an electric bike. In the following video, you will find detailed quick instructions on how […]

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The iMortor smart electric wheel turns the traditional bike into e-bike

The iMortor smart electric FRONT wheel How to convert TRADITIONAL bicycle into electric bicycle – e-bike

How to convert bicycle into electric bicycle, if you own a traditional bike and would like to have an e-bike? It’s a simple solution in the form of the iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel. With the iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel, you transform your traditional bike into a powerful e-bike that can ride up to […]

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