How I got a publisher diploma and a Super Affilliate Academy Award from

In 2015, I first discovered affiliate marketing and made my first affiliate links on my site. At that time I also discovered, where I became a publisher. The advantage of the affiliate network is that you have the option to choose from over 300 campaigns and have a varied choice of ways to promote affiliate content and links.

In 2016, I created my first Slovak project, which, however, disappeared as I had no time to devote to it. That is why only one list of protected workshops – everything for the disabled, disability pensioners, sheltered workshops and substitute filling in one place – has remained in operation – Register chránených dielní.

Later, I discovered affiliate marketing worldwide. Why only focus on Slovakia when I can have a project in English. In 2018, I created fruitfully several affiliate projects.

First affiliate in English: – smart electric wheel for bicycle E-bike conversion kit

The first was an inspiration to start with, as I created a product web page that I learned from my daily use, I created a competing website in a way, directly to the manufacturer, and today I stay in positions that could give me the product, – smart electric wheel for bicycle E-bike conversion kit, envious for the leading e-shops of resounding brands. 

I created a blog on the site and wrote about articles and texts about Imortor. Affiliate products are also missing, with links to leading e-shops that allow me to create affiliate links from that country.

The second great Xiaomi affiliate project and world of fashion, clothes and shoes

Another interesting project, similar to the previous one, is – Xiaomi Mi Smart Band and Xiaomi Mobile Phones Sale Shop. It’s an affiliate eshop where I work on the web development and writing articles with products I bought myself and use them. This project was created at the end of 2018 and I am still working on it to get keyword positions.

The project is testing more than 600 products – smartphones and smart bracelets from Xiaomi. I regularly blog and follow up on any news in the area to respond to them.

My last project in affiliate marketing web site is The World of Fashion, Clothes and Shoes: – shop for clothes, fashion and shoes for her and for him. This project is only my little baby, because I start it last month in last year 2018 before X-mas. But I think, if I will make more work with this web site about fashion clothes and shoes, this web will bring first fruit next year.  🙂

Diploma publisher from affiliate network Super Affiliate Academy

Today is the time for me not to praise only my functional and earning affiliate projects, where I can help you with the creation of a web site from A to Z to earnings, but also the appreciation of my work and especially the time I devoted to autodidactics since 2015 and self education to be proud of the successful completion of research into the secrets of online and affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate Academy Diplom
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