Peter Sagan from Slovakia makes me happy, bicycle with iMortor wheel makes me feel good and heals health

I love to ride on my bike the Slovak brand CTM bikes. The iMortor smart electric front wheel for bicycles has provided my machine with juice so much that I always look forward to the next day and every opportunity to ride a bicycle.


Of course, as the right Slovak, I am the champion of the world and the successful tourman Petr Sagan. I was fortunate enough to meet Petrom and at least to talk about my patent – a bicycle security system that could be used both for the iMortor smart wheel and, of course, for the new edition of his own Petra Sagan Specialized bicycles.

Dear Peter Sagan

“Pete, great colors, I also have a yellow-black bike and my bicycle lock with individual charging would really fit your new cosmic dash. I just want you to have a lot of luck, you’ve already got the strength and you have the best conditions for this year’s Tour de France to become a legend of legends in the field of road cycling throughout the solar system. “

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