iMortor – The smart electric wheel has changed my life

iMortor smart electric wheel I tested during winter and even summer. Frost caused the battery to drain faster, but in warmer spring conditions, the battery life was quite good.

iMortor smart electric wheel I use on routes within 5-10 km and the capacity of physical effort on the plane decreased by at least 50%, to the hills 20-30%. At least I feel so much about entering the gears and their difficulty tested even without the iMortor smart electric wheel.

Second battery for iMortor

I’m also going to buy another battery and try to go beyond the capacity of a one-battery charge. You can always find the iMortor e-shop at the best price for both the battery and the 26″, 27.5″ and 700cc smart electric bicycle for iMortor bikes.

Testing does not stop and I will soon bring you another look at the iMortor smart wheel …

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