Half Year with iMortor – Smart Electric Wheel for Bikes

Sometimes in November I bought a smart electric front Wheel – iMortor from China. I was waiting for a month to get my bike front wheel with battery, but I had a beautiful Christmas when the electrik wheel iMortor appeared at my home. It was the best deal I’ve ever made in recent years.

I mounted the wheel in about an hour, it is necessary to adapt the brake disc so that the iMortor brake wheel has sufficient braking space.

In the package you will get some interesting things: a charger, a wheel, a 36V battery, a smartphone holder, a speed lever, tools and a few screws and nuts to adjust the wheel for your bike. But you have everything delivered so you do not have to visit the service and you can install the iMortor yourself.

First ride with iMortor – smart electric front wheel for bikes

Charging the battery is safe with the supplied charger and lasts for about 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the battery charge. Then you simply slide it into the hole and the barrier clicks into the wheel.

Cycling with the iMortor smart Electric Wheel for bicycles is simple. Just download iMortor from mobile phone stores and start setting wheel parameters. You need to have Bluetooth and connect to the device.

You set the speed you want, from stages 1 to 3, and you can set off for adventure on the roads and the mountains.

Driving with iMortor is great!

The jade is very refreshing, you can reach speeds of up to 25 Km / h and just keep a few dozen meters adding speed to the handlebars and you can ride without any pedaling.

The iMortor smart electric Wheel offers really comfortable driving to the city or to the mountains and to the road. In the field, pedal pedals can easily be reached up to 25 km, with pedal walking on the road up to 40 Km.

The iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel has changed my life and I’m riding a bicycle for a few cents with options I have not known before.

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